The 20th Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK) China Annual Conference

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The 20th Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK) China Annual Conference

Call for papers

The 20th Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK) China Annual Conference:

Inclusive Development and Global Value Chains


CEA Europe/UK, Tsinghua University

Support Journal:

Economic Research Journal

Date: 11th July 2020



It is widely recognized that the world economy is facing a profound change in the dynamics of growth and development, cooperation and competition between countries or regions are escalating, and the continuing trade frictions are posing more serious challenges to the multilateral trading system. Recent academic studies on China’s model of socioeconomic development indicate that China has gained significant competitive advantages and maintained steady growth in the process of accelerating industrialization and transforming economic development patterns. China has gone from being one of the most closed and isolated economies in the world of little relevance to the global economy and become both highly globalized and the world’s second biggest economy. Meanwhile, the economic paradigm, both in China and in the globe, is now shifting from the simple mass production of standardized goods (productivity expansion) into a focus on higher inputs of capital, less environmental impact, greener usage and re-usage of resource (productivity enhancement). It is predictable that the impact of its ongoing industrialization process on the world economic system will be profound.

To intend on the issues concerning alternative theories to the understanding of China’s industrialization process in the context of global value chains and the construction of an innovative, inclusive and open world economy since the reform and opening up, Chinese Economic Association (CEA, Europe/UK) will host the 20th CEA (Europe/UK) China Annual Conference by Zoom online platform on 11th July 2020. The conference will be organized by the Institute for Contemporary China Studies of Tsinghua University, and the Economic Research Journal which is published by the Institute of Economics at Chinese Academy of Social Science will provide the academic support, the outstanding papers presented at the conference will be recommended to the Economic Research Journal.


Paper Submissions and Requirements

  1.  Submissions of theoretical and empirical studies are welcome. Topics covered may include:

    -Global Value Chains and Inclusive Economic Development

    -China’s Economic Reform and Changing Growth Patterns

    -Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration

    -Industrialization and China’s State-owned Enterprises Reform

    -Labor Market Reform and Human Resource Management

    -International Trade and Sustainable Development
  2. For articles in English, please refer to the latest published article in American Economic Review (https://www.aeaweb.org/journals/aer), and for articles in Chinese, please refer to the latest published article in Economic Research Journal (http://www.erj.cn/), either version is acceptable. Author information, including name, institute, correspondent author, address and email should be listed independently on the first page of the essay, and the correspondent author should be marked.
  3. Full paper should be submitted by 21st of June 2020, through email to CEA2020China@outlook.com. Email and document are titled as 'First author name + institution + title of the paper', you will be informed whether your paper can be accepted.
  4. All submissions received by the deadline will be anonymously reviewed by an academic committee established by the Forum organizers. For articles in Chinese, about 16 submissions will be selected for present at the conference. Notification of acceptation and a formal invitation will be sent to the first author of the paper by June 28th, 2020. All participants need to complete registration form beforeJuly 5th, 2020.
  5. The conference has no registration fee, so that we could confirm your attendance and send an email of conference agenda in time. The registration website is https://www.wjx.top/jq/77194890.aspx.

    The 20th Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK) China Annual Conference


Conference Chair

Yuning Gao, President (2019/2020), Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK)

Huayu Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

Email: CEA2020China@outlook.com 


Chinese Economic Association(Europe/UK)

Institute for Contemporary China Studies of Tsinghua University

CEA (Europe)

Chinese Economic Association (Europe), CEA (Europe) was launched on 17th of December, 2008 in Oslo. The new association was intended as a major expansion of activities by the CEA (UK) and was established as an independent academic organization in association with the CEA (UK). The main objective of the CEA (Europe) is to promote scholarly exchanges and encourage academic leadership associated with the Chinese economic and business studies in Europe. Since the establishment of the CEA (Europe), five annual conferences in association with the CEA (UK) have been held in various locations in Europe starting with its inaugural conference in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.


The CEA (UK) was launched in 1988 and has since become one of the leading organisations in the UK promoting research on China. Its past annual conferences have attracted wide-ranging attention from academic institutions, government organisations, banks and industries, alongside with the media in the UK and China. Prominent speakers have included ministers from the Chinese and British governments, the Chinese ambassadors, and eminent academic figures of international repute including Nobel laureates in economics. Papers from these conferences have been published in leading economics and business journals, in edited books, and in the CEA (UK)’s official journal, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, with Taylor & Francis as the publisher. Since 2001, the CEA (UK) has run parallel annual conferences in the UK and in one of the key universities in China.















2.征文应为尚未公开发表的原创性学术论文,中文写作请参考《经济研究》最新已发表文章,英文写作请参考American Economic Review最新已发表文章。为便于匿名评审与联系,作者信息(姓名、工作单位、通讯作者、联系电话、电子信箱等)请独立列于征文首页,并标注通讯作者。

3.征文作者请于2020年6月21日12:00前将全文电子版发送至专用信箱:CEA2020China @outlook.com,邮件主题与全文电子版标题均请注为“第一作者姓名+机构+论文题目”。征文作者将在发送后一周内得到回复。





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The 20th Chinese Economic Association (Europe/UK) China Annual Conference


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